Marketing Applications

QuickLoad Marketing Application solutions will help you maximize your time when you are processing credit applications, searching for previous applications, managing contacts, invoices, estimates and run reports that will help your accounting department become more efficient. All of our solutions are custom built to meet or exceed our customers' expectations. They are mobile friendly, so that you can access them practically form anywhere, giving your business the edge that it needs to opperate efficiently.

    Marketing Applications Kit Includes:

  • Contacts Manager

  • Applications Manager

  • Estimate & Invoice Manager

  • Inventory Manager

  • Testimonial Manager

  • Portfolio Manager

  • SSL Security


Managing your contacts will never be easier! We creatae forms that you can deploy in your website and landing pages, so that the information captured in them can feed straight into your contacts list. In addition, we empower you and your team with private and secure forms that allow you to search through your contacts with efficiency and take actions, such as writing notes, invoices, sending emails and making phone calls (phone only). Additional tracking features are available for call centers and outside sales representatives.

With the contacts manager, you will be able to search by phone numbers, first and last name, company names, cities, zip codes and so much more. With this cloud based application, you will stop depending on your phone's directory and start utilizing advanced features with just a few clicks.

Credit Applications

Collecting, storing and searching through credit applications can be a tedious task if the right system is not in place. With our credit applications module, you will be able to store important information along with notes about whether or not customers were approved, and if they actually purchased productss or services with their approved credit. It will also allow you to re-engage them after a certain period of time has passed by.

You will be able to create custom credit application forms that you can deploy in your website or landing pages, so that you only collect the information you need.

Estimates & Invoicing

Are you using too much paper? It's ok if you only use it when you need it, but going paperless is the new and arising trend. Not only will it give you a state of the art first impression with your customers, but it will also let them know that you are environmentally friendly. However, our tool does much more than that!

First of all, the tool is completely customizeable. Not only does your logo and contact information appear in there, but the fields, format and aesthetics of the estimate/invoicing tool are completely designed to reflect you and your business! We can integrate the invoices together with your inventory, contacts, testimonials and portfolio modules, so that you capture every moment with every satisfied customer.


knowing what you have in stock and getting a notification when items are low, is one of the few ways that our inventory module will help you prevent more heahaches. At the very core, our applications modules are designed so that you do not need a Master's or Doctor's degree in order to get things done right.

The inventory module can be easily integrated with your Point of Sale system, your e-commerce website and your Estimates & Invoicing module, to make sure that you have 100% accurate information 100% of the time.*


Engage your customers immediately after delivering a project. Ask them how much they enjoyed to do business with you and post their input in your website in just a few seconds. This tool will help you improve Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention, by allowing you to create a visible community of satisfied customers.


Capture every moment you deliver a project, or service. It is one of the simplest tools to use: Simply snap a picure, select a category, type something about it (optional), and upload to your website's portfolio gallery. This application is available for uploading images or video clips. You will be able to upload so much content into your website that people will think that you have an extravagant marketing budget.

We created this application for small businesses, but there are different levels of customization available, each with more amazing SEO and aesthetic value available.


Our website is secure and all applications are permission based, which means that not all your staff will have access to the same information, unless you want them to.